Circumcision could become illegal


I was assigned to give a “mom’s take” on the news of the day.


Sometimes I hear about a law that really makes me scratch my head. This is one of them. There’s a new proposal being considered in San Francisco to ban circumcisions of all boys under age 17, and it’s causing lots of debate. The reason I’m so surprised by it is that circumcision is so common. The latest stat from the CDC (which, admittedly, is from 1999 — not too recent) reports that 65 percent of all boys nationally are circumcised (but the percentage drops to 37 percent on the West Coast). Plus, it’s a religious or cultural tradition for many people. And as we’ve reported, it’s a controversial topic in general.

The reason San Francisco is considering this ban? Lloyd Schofield, the activist pushing the law, calls it “genital mutilation.” In his proposal, punishment would be either up to a year of jail time or up to a $1,000 fine.

Schofield still needs lots of signatures for it to go on the next ballot, so it might not ever be seriously considered by voters. But I do have to mention: We recently reported on the city’s ban on Happy Meals — which passed. I wonder what San Francisco will try and ban next?

This article was originally published on iVillage.

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